Hamilton Bermuda L F Wade International Airport (BDA)
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(Hamilton, Bermuda)

Car rental companies are not permitted to do business anywhere on the island of Bermuda, hence there are no car hire companies represented at the Hamilton International Airport (BDA). However, many visitors flying into the airport choose to hire a scooter, moped or motorcycle, and these have become popular ways to travel around.

Hiring a scooter or motorcycle on the island of Bermuda is not only extremely affordable and economic, but it allows you the freedom to explore the area. No driving licence is required to rent scooters, and fuel stations are located all over the island, being open from 07:00 to at least 19:00 each day. Worth noting, the Esso City Auto Market, located in the city of Hamilton, remains open 24-hours-a-day. The local speed limit is 35 kph / 22 mph and you must always drive of the left.

Car Rental, Driving and Parking in Hamilton

Driving around Bermuda on a scooter is a truly unique experience and should not be missed. The roads surfaces vary and many have are in need of repair, particularly in the most remote locations and around the mountains. Be sure to drive slowly and carefullly around both Hamilton and Bermuda as a whole, to be able to fully enjoy the scenery, which varies greatly.

Car Hire and Scooter Rental in Hamilton

The following outlets currently rent scooters, mopeds and motorcycles to tourists visiting Bermuda:

  • Eve's Cycle Rental
  • Smatt's Cycle Livery
  • Oleander Rental
  • Wheels Cycles

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