Hamilton Bermuda L F Wade International Airport (BDA)
Facilities and Services

(Hamilton, Bermuda)

Facilities at Bermuda International Airport (BDA) reflect its size and its volume of air traffic, with only basic facilities that cover the essentials available.

Shops and eateries are present in all parts of the airport and Internet access is available near the US Departures Lounge. However, there are no business or conference facilities on hand.

Airport Information Desks

There is a tourist information desk in the terminal building, which can offer advice about the airport and Bermuda itself. Some useful airport telephone numbers include:

Customs Tel - +1 441 293 2424
Managing Director - +1 441 441 299 4800
Passenger Manager - +1 441 441 299 4804
Security Manager - +1 441 441 299 4803

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There is a small selection of shops available at Bermuda International Airport (BDA). Located in the Check-in area are shops selling books, magazines, perfume, jewelry, clothing and souvenirs. A duty-free outlet for passengers departing to the USA is available at the west end of the Check-in area, while international passengers can make purchases at the duty-free facility located beyond passport control in the Departures area.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

A small selection of outlets offering dining and refreshments are available and comprises of a bistro/coffee bar as well as cocktail and snack bars. These can be found in both the US and the International Departures lounges.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

There is no bank available at the airport. However, ATMs and a bureau de change can be found on the ground floor of the terminal. Internet access is available at a lounge located near the US Departures Lounge.

Business and Conference Facilities

There are no business or conference facilities available at Bermuda International Airport (BDA).

Disabled Facilities

As recently as 2003, Bermuda International Airport (BDA) installed a modern disabled passenger transporter system that is capable of transporting up to six wheelchair-bound passengers from terminal gates to aircraft cabins. The system is available by prior request only. Elsewhere in the airport, wheelchair access and disabled toilets are available.

Hamilton Airport BDA

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