Hamilton Bermuda L F Wade International Airport (BDA)
History, Facts and Overview

(Hamilton, Bermuda)

Created at the beginning of the 1940s and used as a base for the US army and air force, Bermuda Airport was then known as Kindley Field. Construction of the airport involved filling in various waterways, to connect St. David's Island to the larger mass of West Bermuda. Following the end of World War II, the airfield was taken over by the island's local government and became the Civil Air Terminal.

After further use by the US Air Force until 1995, Hamilton's Bermuda Airport became an important hub for the island's tourism and was recently renamed as the L. F. Wade International Airport.

The site is at its busiest during the high summer season, between June and August, when it handles around 300 arriving flights daily. Although Bermuda Airport originally had three separate runways, only one remains in use today.

The recently updated shops at the airport can be found in the US departures lounge and also in the check-in concourse area, providing the opportunity to purchase everything from magazines to jewellery. For refreshments, the Island Coffee and Bistro offers a range of pastries and snacks, while the Sand Bar is a good place to enjoy exotic cocktails with a taste of Bermuda.

Hamilton Airport BDA

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