Hamilton Bermuda L F Wade International Airport (BDA)
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(Hamilton, Bermuda)

Bermuda's capital city is well placed for exploration of Bermuda, being located in the central region of Pembroke. Despite its status, Hamilton is a relatively small city and has a population of only slightly more than 1,000 people. Hamilton dates back to the end of the 18th century and offers a coastal location, with harbour views, a grand city hall, plenty of shops and a number of prominent local businesses.

On the north-eastern side of Hamilton, the island's Bermuda International Airport (BDA) provides a convenient way to reach this tropical paradise. Situated on the western side of St. David's Island, Bermuda Airport dates back to the early 1940s and is now managed by the Bermuda Government.

Hamilton Bermuda International Airport (BDA) Maps: Important City Districts

Hamilton is a particularly popular part of the island and features many pale-coloured houses, glorious stretches of pinky sandy beaches, and many nearby small islands just waiting to be explored. One of nine individual parishes on Bermuda, Hamilton is close to the Town of St. George, which lies to the north and is steeped in history, being home to the Bermuda International Airport.

St. George's Town, as it is otherwise known, was the first official settlement in the whole of Bermuda, when settlers arrived at the beginning of the 17th century. A number of St. George's most historic buildings date from this period and any development has been carefully restricted and extremely sympathetic to the area. Highlights in this part of Bermuda include the 17th-century Fort St. Catherine at Coot Pond, and also Tucker's Town on the southern side of the parish, an affluent area featuring many desirable properties.

Sited on a central western peninsula, the parish of Pembroke borders Hamilton along all sides except for the coast and is perhaps best known for its Spanish Point headland.

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Bermuda Map

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